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VESELY Eye Clinic

We give you more than one eyewink

You trust in our eye care sinc 1939.


Modern care

Modern technology, a professional approach, and a friendly surgical process, provide our clients with eye treatment of the highest quality in all of Slovakia, Since 1939.


The first important step on the way to the successful treatment of your eye problem is the detailed entrance examination.

Eye surgeries

We are the only clinic in Slovakia that uses equipment certified by NASA for removing dioptric defects.

Surgical methods

We use surgical methods, which guarantee safe, precise ans painless surgery process.

Age between 18-42?

Get rid of your glasses thanks
to painless laser surgery.

Age after 40?

We guarantee you sharp
sight from near to far.

You have cataract?

We have the reason for you:
Painless laser surgery.

Other eye problems?

We offer you the first-class
health care for your eyes.

Health in hands of professionals

We understand your eyes. The many years of experience our specialists have acquired in eye surgery, combined with the modern equipment in our clinic, guarantee that your vision is in the best hands. You’ll see.

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