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Keratoconus belongs to the group of ectatic corneal diseases. It affects the cornea, the clear and transparent outer layer of the eye. The light rays enter the eye through this layer and its evenness and absolute transparency are very important. It usually affects both eyes.

The first symptoms of keratoconus are very unobtrusive, even though astigmatism appears. This can be corrected by spectacles, but not in advanced stages of the disease. It is most often diagnosed in the second decade of life. As part of the disease, significant bulging of the front corneal surface can be seen. This is caused by the weakening of the corneal stroma (the central part of the cornea). The cause of keratoconus is not fully clear. Among other factors, we assume certain forms are hereditary. Untreated keratoconus may cause blindness in the affected eye, which is preceded by years of suffering with worsening and even unusable vision.

Eye with keratoconus


Treatment is possible using CXL, by implanting specially shaped rings into the cornea. A cornea transplant is necessary in cases of extremely advanced keratoconus.

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